2021 Babybro the world best natural kids toothpaste and toothwipes | Babybro baby gum and tooth wipes
If you are looking for the best oral, dental care products for your baby and kids, here we go with the baby dental wipes for gum and tooth, kids natural toothpaste with certified ingredients by Babybro.
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BABYBRO BABY GUM AND TOOTHWIPES are uniquely textured for plaque removal, natural flavored(Xylitol), fluoride-free, paraben-free and sugar-free, and all natural. This handy product was designed for our children, to be safe, effective, and easy to use for parents.

You just wrap around your finger for easy cleaning (and gentle massage) of your child’s teeth and gums.

BABYBRO GUM AND TOOTHWIPES could be used from birth to promote healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime. Even adult can use it between brushing after a meal for your oral health care, it’s really handy and effective!


– All natural
– Pleasant taste
– 100% pure cotton made in Korea
– Purified water and Xylitol only
– No harmful chemical ingredients free
– Handy 25pcs Individual wrap packing
– Start using from birth to 6month for young baby.
– Approved product by KFDA

Babybro baby gum and toothwipes

Babybro baby gum & tooth wipes

Product : Babybro gum & toothwipes

Materials : Pure cotton100%

Package : 25pcs / 50pcs

Manufacturer : FA INC

Country of Origin : Republic of Korea

Cautions : 
1) Do not gargle with water.
2) Do not throw into the toilet.
3) Use immediately after opening and do not reuse.
4) Do not use if there is eczema or scar in mouth or on lips.
5) If there is abnormality such as swelling, itch or irritation consult doctor.
6) Do not let the baby chew on the wipe.
7) Keep out of reach from children.
8) Avoid high temperature and damp place, keep away from direct sunlight.
9) Do not use for other purposes besides the intended usage.
10) Spots occasionally seen on the wipe are parts of the ingredient that might appear during the manufacturing of cotton.
11) If you discover any abnormality while opening the package, please do not use and contact


Babybro baby gum & tooth wipes

Wash your hand after feeding.
Take the wipe out from the sachet.

Natural tooth wipes

Wrap the wipe around your

index finger.

Babybro baby gum & tooth wipes

Gently rub the surfaces of the

gums, teeth, tongue and cheeks.

Use immediately after opening

and do not reuse.