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There are more than thousand reasons to use the harmful free(fluoride free) toothpaste from now on, if you ever doubted why all of the people struggling with dental carry(tooth decay) issues until they die who using fluoride toothpaste for their entire lives.
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Fluoride Health Effects [Hypersensitivity]

Fluoride Health Effects [Hypersensitivity]


Some individuals are hypersensitive to fluoride.  According to the Physician’s Desk Reference:

“In hypersensitive individuals, fluorides occasionally cause skin eruptions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema or urticaria. Gastric distress, headache and weakness have also been reported. These hypersensitivity reactions usually disappear promptly after discontinuation of the fluoride.”

Hypersensitive reactions have been reported for both topical fluorides (e.g., toothpaste) and systemic fluorides (e.g., fluoride supplements and fluoridated water).

Hypersensitive Reactions to Topical Fluorides:

Studies have documented adverse skin reactions from the use of topical fluoride products, including toothpaste. These skin reactions include perioral dermatitis, stomatitis, and urticaria. Although many dermatologists now consider fluoride toothpaste to be a common cause of perioral dermatitis, the dental community has remained conspicuously silent on the issue, and has conducted virtually no research. Read more.

The possibility that topical fluorides can provoke inflammtory skin disorders gains is supported by carefully controlled studies on animals. When topical fluoride has been applied to the skin of rabbits or rats, inflammation has been repeatedly noted when the skin is cut or damaged prior to the application. Read more.

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