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There more than enough reasons to stop using fluoride toothpaste for your kids. Do start using fluoride free toothpaste right away.
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9 Ways Fluoride Harms Your Brain

Harmful fluoride toothpaste

9 Ways Fluoride Harms Your Brain

Fluoride is a trace mineral that, in sufficient quantity, is harmful to mental health. Consider these reasons to avoid fluoridated water and toothpaste.

1. Fluoride Is a Developmental Neurotoxin

3. Fluoride Facilitates the Entry of Aluminum Into the Brain

4. Fluoridated Drinking Water Doubles the Risk of Hypothyroidism

5. Fluoride Causes Nervous System Degeneration

6. Fluoride Impairs Pineal Gland Function

7. Fluoridated Water Leaches Lead from Pipes and Faucets

8. An Increase in Rates of ADHD Is Linked to Fluoride

9. Fluoride Is Found in Antidepressants and Causes Depression

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