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2020 How to clean your baby teeth[under 2 years old]

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2020 How to clean your baby teeth[under 2 years old]

Age specific advice for babies  0 – 2 years old

What parents need to know

  • At this stage, it’s all about making brushing fun
  • Use a brush with extra soft bristles (babies tend not to react kindly to being poked in a sensitive area with hard bristles)
  • Get baby used to the routine of brushing 2-3 times per day
  • Let your baby brush first, then go in afterwards (as long as the baby is enjoying the experience)

When should I start?

Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as you see the first tooth appear. It’s okay to gently massage the gums with the brush, too.

How do I choose a toothbrush for my baby?

A baby toothbrush should…

✅ Have soft bristles: Babies have extra sensitive gums. Their first experience is important—if they feel tough, rough bristles poking sensitive gum tissue, you better believe they’re not going to want to do that again.

✅ Be designed for babies, not kids: A kid’s jaw anatomy is such that even if they open wide, the big head of even a toothbrush designed for kids will bump into the ramus, the piece of bone that sticks out. You need a tiny toothbrush for a tiny mouth.

✅ Be manual: Again with the sensitive hearing—make sure your baby’s first exposure with brushing is positive. Imagine a loud electric toothbrush coming at your baby for the first time—it’s going to be scary! Stick to manual.


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